Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Traveled to Las vegas Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Traveled to Las vegas - Essay Example It was really a good driving experience on a Chevrolet. The Fremont Street is a good night attraction for visitors with casinos and LED lights adding to the overall beauty of the area. On the third day of my trip, I went to The Fountains at Bellagio. One thing that I noticed at this place was the presence of a large number of people from different parts of world. It is a widely spread manmade lake with a lot of fountains that are so attractive that a person with a passion for photography cannot stop taking photographs until the whole picture storage limit of the camera ends. In addition, during night times, this place becomes even more beautiful when lights from high rise buildings cover the area like shining starts. On the last two days of my trip, I visited the Hoover Dam which is considered to be one of the seven industrial wonders of the world. I also took photos of the dam and the accompanying areas. Some more places that I really liked in Las Vegas included the Caesers Palace, Red Rock Canyon, and Mirage Volcanos. All of these places were very attractive and perfectly managed. Summing it up, I would say that my trip to Las Vegas was the most exciting and memorable travel experience of life which I will never forget in my whole

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