Monday, September 23, 2019

Political Science Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 19

Political Science - Essay Example ACH manages to avoid both human bias and analytical errors by integrating both cognitive psychology and scientific methods into its system of exploration. That notwithstanding, I hold the opinion that bringing on board other analysts when using ACH is more productive than when an analyst uses it alone. This is because having many analysts on board ensures that each situation is approached form a broad angle, thereby taking into consideration all the possible alternatives. The input of the other analysts will similarly be important in doing away with assumptions while collecting evidence against each alternative (Intelligence Reports 2013). The ideal result would be that the alternative with the least evidence against it would be accepted. Bringing on board several analysts would be challenging as handling numerous views may be mentally hectic, nonetheless, the process would be comprehensive and without pitfalls, notably because the alternatives will be competing against each other. Response to Tyler I harbor the same belief as you that the content that we have covered in this course will come in handy in ensuring that we become worldwide professionals in the field of intelligence. Taking a walk down memory lane, we all attest to the fact that intelligence has made significant strides. This is because the physical maps and marker pens that were the order of the day have been overtaken by the use of satellites and information technology (Hypothesis, 2008).

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