Friday, September 13, 2019

See Order Instructions Please Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

See Order Instructions Please - Essay Example After researching on the potential institutions that would help in realizing my career ambitions, I settled on the Sterling College, a Kansas-based Christian college. The ideology and philosophy propagated by this institution is in tandem with my aspirations of upholding Christian values in all aspects of life. For my case, I intend to uphold the Kingdom values by pursuing a career in the field of medicine, with specialization in pediatric cancer cases. Therefore, I plan to study biology, pre-medicine and a minor in music on my way to the realization of these ambitions. With my good GPA grade of 3.8 thus far, I am considering study in any field of biology like marine ecology and zoology as the second option. Apart from concentrating on academics associated with this scholarship, I anticipate an exciting extracurricular life, especially on games and music. This is in line with my previous life where I have been involved in playing volleyball for 4 years, singing for six years in which four was spent on Honor Choir and two as a Sound master. I also consider the contribution to the community as pivotal in the life of a Christian like me. This is evident in my previous involvement, in community service where I participated for two years in Sing station, a community singing group, three years in Loaves and Fishes, a group that delivers food to shut-ins and four years in Church Youth Group. I learned about the availability of this scholarship with great excitement.

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