Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Philosophy Love and Marriage (Abortion) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Philosophy Love and Marriage (Abortion) - Essay Example Other process of abortion is that of elective abortion. The term abortion is generally and most commonly referred to as a persuaded abortion of pregnancy. Abortion and its legality is a burning issue throughout the world. Abortion, in many societies, is completely banned whereas in some of the other societies it is permitted on a smaller scale. Again in many of the other societies, abortion is not permitted after the fetus reaches a certain age. Any consideration against such rule is not considered under any sort of circumstances. Abortion is generally allowed in cases where the pregnant females’ health related concerns i.e. both physical a mental are present. Also, abortion is allowed in certain cases where the pregnancy is because of certain crimes like rape, child abuse, and incest. The physical and mental health of a child are sometimes considered for allowing abortion like in case when the new born would have serious genetic related problem, physical handicap, mental defects. In some of the other social cases like poverty, young mother being not able to cope with a new born, regulation of population size and related issue of abortion is permitted. Abortion for the reason of pregnant female is usually the most accepted reason, whereas other reasons discussed above generally cause certain debates among people worldwide regarding the power of ending a life which is going to born. Abortion can sometime take place as a substitute to contraception among youths as they in try preventing unwanted pregnancy and opt for abortion. In some cases, the developing fetus is even aborted because of it being a female fetus. In many countries the government has banned the process of sex determination before the birth of a child to prevent female fetuses from being aborted. Female feticide is a crime which has to be stopped to allow both genders to have equal rights and opportunities in this modern world (BBC,

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