Thursday, October 24, 2019

Cashless Society Essay

CONCEPT OF CASHLESS SOCIETY Today this world is heading towards industrialization,  privatization and globalization and the only thing which  plays an important role is strong capital. Globally the most dominant currency is GREEN BAG ($dollar) & everyone is headstrong to grab this. Now a days money is everything name, fame, power, desire, health and wealth. Let us halt here for a second and use our divine senses. Is that money really important for us to become a good soul With little stress on grey cells we find that thousands of year ago our ancestors did not use cash at all because their basic requirement was only food and shelter. Because of the cash, man becomes greedy, selfish,defiant,stubborn and notorious and he demolished his actual purpose of life. As man is a social animal so he has lots of responsibility towards society to make it free from evils like crime, cast ism, racism,  discrimination,women exploitation etc. So think about  a society in which no one has a cash(liquid asset) and  the survival is based on talent ,efficiency ,analytical ability and knowledge. YES†¦Ã¢â‚¬ ¦instead of cash ,man  exchange services to fulfill their requirement. The cashless society has multiple advantage such as reduced crime(no physical money in banks), increased competition purely based on skills ,labour and talent ,  convenience in payment between friends and most   importantly increase social interaction. For this we can have access to money via credit cards and mobile transactions and by using disruptive technology. A disruptive technology is the phenomenon occurring when two or more separate technologies converges unexpectedly to a new type of technology. If no physical money existed ,the social interaction would probably be different too.

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