Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Ethical Leadership is Mostly about Leadership Integrity Essay

Ethical Leadership is Mostly about Leadership Integrity - Essay Example It has been determined that very ethical leaders lead the most successful organizations in the world and these leaders have steered them towards this path. Those organizations which have been seen to collapse or are on the verge of collapsing recently have been led by leaders who have turned out to be very unethical in their practices and these practices has led to the mistrust of their leadership both from within their organizations, and also from the public which the organization has to serve. The lack of confidence in an organization due to the unethical practices of its leaders leads to a mistrust from those who receive the services of such an organization and in the process, the customers of such an organization may choose to look for alternative organizations that provide the same services and have a more credible leadership. Scandals that arise due to matters of ethics within an organization are very difficult things to deal with and they not only affect the leadership of such an organization but they also affect the employees or subordinates and their families. It is therefore best for leaders within every organization in the world to ensure that they maintain the highest standard of ethical leadership that can be achieved within the organization (Sama and Shoaf, 2008, 39 - 46). It is a fact that the integrity of the leadership within an organization is what determines its following of ethics (Perles, 2002, 59 – 66). If the leadership is corrupt, then the practices of the organization will more likely than not be corrupt because the leaders will not be working for the organization’s best interests but for their own interests.  

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