Saturday, August 31, 2019

East Asia Essay

China is considered one of the largest countries in term of land area. This fact causes China to be the most populated nation in the world with over 1. 29 billion of people. Chinese is know for its great civilization and in fact had led the world in the development and progress of the society and economy quite a short time. The Chinese people had also experienced afflictions and sufferings from foreign assaults and chaos within China for a century before the People’s Republic was founded. After the chaos, China had started the national reconstruction and made remarkable development in the first twenty years of economical and social reform. For decades, Chinese was dreaming of Modernization and eventually this dream will suddenly be materialized with the help of Deng Xiaoping who serve as the architect of China’s reform. A three-step strategy was established which includes the doubling of GDP of 1980, quadrupling the GDP by the end of 20th century and finally the realization of modernization for another 30 to 50 years. Since the implementation of the strategic plan, China got a rapid progress. From 1978 to 1998, the rate of economic growth of China averaged to 9. 7 %. Gradually, China has gained its power to become the next super power. In fact, during 2000, China’s GDP leveled up by 8 % which is amazingly exceeded $ 1 trillion US and became a record in the history. The first objective in the modernization plan was achieved in 1987. It was three years ahead of time. In 1995, the second objective was reached which is 5 years earlier. China really made a great leap in terms of economic status. The GDP of China in 1998 is 6. 38 times during 1980. China has continuously moving in the top. According to World Bank, China ranked 6 in with respect to economical level and the trend says that it is expected to be in the 4th place before 2006 ends. In addition to this, China’s annual steel output has increased 700 times in the period of 50 years only which places China in the top when it comes to steel production. China also leads the coal, cement, and cotton and television industry. China’s modernization and great leap have a great significance and contribution not only in China but also in the world. China’s progress is a great help in maintaining global stability. Imagine if China is poverty-stricken and disordered then it would likely to be a disaster to the world. A progressive nation just like China provides a largest market in the world. Also, Chinese people love peace and China has proven how they campaign for world peace. As a permanent member of the United Nations, China is always exhibit fairness, stands for rules and laws and strongly against aggression and dominion. If China became Super Power then it will be big help in promoting world peace and stability. China has reached this kind of development through hard works and discipline. Hopefully this must serve as a good example for other nations which are suffering from economic failure and instability. Once a poor country just like China bounces back and suddenly made it great leap in the world. It seemed that those countries in East Asia have become our leaders. Japan, Korea, Taiwan and China all belong to East Asia are very progressive countries. Just like China, they once experienced chaos but eventually recoiled from this fall and stood firmly to prove that they can rule the world. China, although experienced a defeat and failure in the past, did not stop to pursue their dream; to become economically and socially stable and progressive. With the correct attitude and perception in life, China has gradually reaching their goal. Yes, China is now on the road of becoming the Super Power and we all hope that this would bring prosperity to other nations in the world.

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