Monday, August 26, 2019

EDU 626 Discussion Board 1 Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

EDU 626 Discussion Board 1 - Essay Example The definition of the objects association with each other and sequencing them in the right way enables the authors to create attractive and reliable graphic applications. Most of the web authorizing tools supports a language scripting for more complex applications (Webopedia, 2011). The E-learning authoring system consists of a suite software tools that perform various functions that support the production of modules. They hold content for processing, combine the content with templates for web design, create a flexible and consistent navigation system, and control technical functionality by rendering of the special tags. These design templates are produced using the HTML, XML and the customized markup tags (Aust and Meyen, 2005). The rendering tools normally interpret the custom markup tags and apply processes that enable installation of items that include the navigation elements, assessments of items and interactive glossary. Each exclusive tag represents a content marker that marries with the design templates so as to produce a completed module (Aust and Meyen, 2005). The learning management systems (LMS) are frequently viewed as the starting point (critical components) of e-learning (or a blended learning program) hence it handles the delivery of e-learning courses that are self paced. The learning management systems offer their supreme values to the organization.

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