Saturday, February 8, 2020

The American Revolution Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

The American Revolution - Essay Example The American Revolution was a triumph of human rights and liberties. Britain introduced several political and economic policies such as heavy taxation that hugely distressed Americans. Similarly, the British military was quite inhumane in handling the "Whigs† or â€Å"patriots† a clear violation of elementary human rights. Civilians were haphazardly murdered upon showing any objection to Acts such as the Townshend Acts that imposed a heavy tax on indispensable goods such as tea and paper. The â€Å"patriots† were given a worse treatment than the â€Å"loyalists† who received preferential treatment merely for being loyal to the British government (Greg, 2010). Similarly, Americans’ freedom of speech and movement was hugely curtailed and anyone who violated the stipulated laws guiding speech and movement faced severe punishment or death in some extreme cases. The revolutionary war, therefore, came not to portray America’s military prowess but to uphold the spirit of constitutionalism where the power of leaders is limited, and a leadership that is devoted to the good of the people by protecting individual rights such as right to life and liberties such as liberty of association and freedom of speech. Joseph (2001) supports this important assertion in his article when he presents George Washington’s 7th December 1796 speech where Washington said; â€Å"†¦that the virtue and happiness of the people may be preserved, and that the Government which they have instituted† (pg. 1). Britain realized that all men were created equal, and such equality must be upheld in all spheres of life. Upon the declaration of independence, after the American Revolutionary war, democracy started mushrooming in America. The Americans were so infuriated by the British government which merely imposed itself in power and subjected its subjects to immense suffering.  

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