Sunday, November 17, 2019

My Favourite Place Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

My Favourite Place - Essay Example There are several places which are usually quoted as the rivers source. The first of which is the Thames head, which is close to the village of Kemble. Another is Seven Springs, which is near where the Churn River rises. In addition, many rivers, canals and brooks all feed the Thames. As previously stated, the river is long and also very wide, and goes through many cities, towns and villages. Some of them are Oxford, Abingdon, Lechlade, Wallingford, Reading, Eton, Marlow, Staines, Windsor, Henly-on-Thames, Weybridge and Maidenhead. .Among its crossings are various places like the Thames Barrier, Thames Tunnel, Tower Bridge, London Bridge, Millennium Bridge and many more. Furthermore, you can see many magnificent buildings from the Thames, one of them being the Parliament. The long Thames combines together so many features, so many sights, and so many architectural wonders and important structures built near it, that it is virtually impossible not to fall in love with it. It provides so much entertainment and pleasure to all of those who walk beside it on its walkways. The Thames has a unique charm that is, in my opinion, unmatched by any other place. Just by walking along the river, or sailing in it, it is possible to sense the wonderful atmosphere of the river, which is almost magical. Firstly, there is the London Millennium Footbridge, which links the Bankside with the city. Around it you can find many important places, both art-wise and religious-wise. These include the Tate Modern, which is Britains national museum of international modern are, Bankside gallery, a notable art gallery, the famous Globe Theatre, and also St. Pauls Cathedral, an undoubtedly architectural wonder, as well as the place where the Bishop of London sits. Secondly, the entire area of Greenwich is, in my opinion, quite charming. Greenwich attracts a lot of tourists, being known as the location of the Greenwich Mean

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